Ukulele Workshops

Schedule | 2020

Hillerman Library Jam
ABQ, New Mexico March 17
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Houston Uke Meet-Up
Houston, Texas March 26
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Houkulele Workshops
Houston, Texas March 27
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Blues Angel Music
Pensacola, Florida March 28
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Growers Alliance Cafe
St. Augustine, Florida April 1
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Orlando Ukulele Meet-Up
Winter Park, Florida April 2
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Penny Lane Music Emporium
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida April 3
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The Ukulele Place
Nokomis, Florida April 4
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AZ Ukulele
Phoenix, Arizona April 18
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Artichoke Music
Portland, Oregon June 6
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Columbia City Theater
Seattle, Washington June 10
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Kamloops Uke Fest SOLD OUT
Sorrento, BC, Canada June 11-14
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Funky Frets Fest
Boyertown, Pennsylvania Oct. 2-4
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Ukulele Workshops

Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by Jim D'Ville

2020 Ukulele Workshop Schedule

Texas/Florida Tour 

Houston Ukulele Meet-Up, Houston, Texas, March 26

Houkulele, Houston, Texas, March 27

Blues Angel Music, Pensacola, Florida, March 28

Growers Alliance, St. Augustine, Florida, April 1

Orlando Ukulele Meet-Up, Winter Park, Florida, April 2

Penny Lane Music Emporium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida April 3

The Ukulele Place, Nokomis, Florida, April 4

Southwest Tour

AZ Ukulele, Phoenix, Arizona, April 18

Pacific Northwest Tour

Artichoke Music, Portland, Oregon, June 6

Columbia City Theater, Seattle, Washinton, June 10

Show with Del Rey & Victoria Vox

Kamloops Ukulele Festival, Sorrento, BC, Canada, June 11-14 SOLD OUT!

East Coast Tour

Funky Frets Ukulele Festival, Boyertown, Pennsylvania October 2-4



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Playing By Ear

Play Ukulele By Ear 1
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Play Ukulele By Ear 1.5
Playing By The Numbers
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Play Ukulele By Ear 2
Vol. 2 DVD or Download
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Play Ukulele By Ear 3 Download Only
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