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UkeWest Festival Concert via Zoom
May 25, 2024

Pacific Northwest Workshop Tour
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Davis Community Church
Davis, California
May 28, 2024

Jacksonville Oregon Workshop
June 1, 2024

Eugene Oregon Workshop
June 8, 2024

Lake Oswego Oregon Workshop
June 9, 2024

Portland Oregon Art Studio Workshop
June 11, 2024

Artichoke Music Workshop
June 13, 2024 Portland, Oregon

Wooden Cross Lutheran Church
June 15, 2024 Woodinville, Washington

Birdhouse Studio
June 16, 2024 Bellingham, Washington

Ukesta Spokane
June 18, 2024 Spokane, Washington

Kamloops Summer Festival
Sorrento Retreat, British Columbia
June 19-23, 2024

Pentiction Ukulele Group
June 26, 2024 Penticton, BC, Canada

Wandering Ukulele Workshop Tour 2024

Des Moines Ukulele Strummers
Urbandale, Iowa
July 13, 2024

Kansas City Ukesters
Prairie Village, Kansas
July 16, 2024

Normal, Illinois Group
Normal, Illinois
July 20, 2024

Cheezland Ukulele Band
La Crosse, Wisconsin
July 24, 2024

Old Town School of Folk Music
Chicago, Illinois
July 25, 2024

Highland Community Center
Highland, Indiana
July 27, 2024

Elderly Instruments
E. Lansing, Michigan
August 3, 2024

Reno Ukulele Festival
Sparks, Nevada
October 9-12, 2024


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Ukulele Tutorials

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by Jim D'Ville



The Emotional Value of Chords DVD
There is a chord associated with each of the seven notes of a major scale. When played in context, each chord evokes a certain emotional response from the listener. Learning these chordal relationships will open your ears to the chord progressions of millions of songs. This lesson by Ukulele Magazine Contributing Editor Jim D’Ville is the first step to playing by ear.

45-minute lesson  $20 (plus $4 shipping and handling USA)  DVD (ADD $10 FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING)
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Digital Download Price $20 




Show everyone that opens your refrigerator door that you know the essence of Western music.

 Circle ImageCircle of 5ths: Roadmap to the Musical Universe
43-minute lesson
Digital Download Only $10 (No DVD)

Add to Cart


The Circle of 5ths is an invaluable tool in uncovering the structure of music. The Circle not only shows you how Major and minor scales are constructed it also reveals the organic nature of all chord progressions! In the step-by-step, easy to understand lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Circle of 5ths as a musical roadmap to anything you want to play.


 Picking Ukulele By Ear DVD
 55-minute lesson  $23 (includes shipping and handling)

DVD Add to Cart
SALE: Digital Download $10  Add to Cart

NO TAB, NO HANDOUTS, just an organic approach to learning to finger-pick and play what you hear in your head.  This lesson is designed for the person who wants to learn basic three-finger style finger-picking and improve their ear training on the instrument.  Chapters include the Forward Roll, Backward Roll, The Pinch, Single-String Picking, and several songs Jim has chosen to highlight each picking technique.


Strumming Ukulele By Ear DVD

42-minute lesson   (Digital Download Only)

SALE: Digital Download $10  Add to Cart

 Again,  NO TAB, NO HANDOUTS, just an organic approach to training the strumming hand to play what you hear in your head.  This lesson is designed for the person who is just getting started on the uke, those who are afflicted with ISS (Incessant Strum Syndrome), and anyone who wants to spice up their strumming and improve their musicality on the instrument.  Chapters include the Basic Index Finger Strum, Triplets, Flourish, Tremolo, Chunky Chop, Rhythm & Timing Exercises and and more!


Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 1: Learning To Listen

52-minute lesson $23 (includes shipping and handling)

DVD  Add to Cart 

SALE: Digital Download $10 Add to Cart

Volume 1 is for anyone just getting started on the ukulele as well as anyone wanting to know the structure of music, and how to hear what’s going on in songs.  It’s designed to teach you to hear what is going on in songs instead of always relying on printed music. Playing music is a whole lot more fun when you are not staring at a piece of sheet music, but instead listening to what is happening and playing along. In less than an hour, Jim will have you and your ukulele ready to drive into thousands of songs, and play them by ear! Topics include Tuning By Ear, The C Major Scale, Intervals, Chord Progressions and more. Chapters: The C Tone Tuning By Ear C: The Home Key F: The IV Chord Chord Progressions IntervalsDiatonic Chords “I am VERY impressed with this DVD. It covers how to play the way you really want to when playing for fun, without written music, just by listening. It also covers basics lacking in many how-to musical DVDs including strumming and tuning without always relying on electronic tuners. It’s fun, funny and I can play a couple of songs after two days of steady practice.” Customer


Play-By-Ear-1-5-WEB Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 1 .5: Playing By The Numbers

45-minute lesson

SALE: Digital Download Only $10  Add to Cart

Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 1.5: Playing By The Numbers is designed for the beginning to intermediate ukulele student wanting to learn how basic song structure works using the Number System, as opposed to using letter names to identify the chords in a progression.  Vol. 1.5 bridges the gap between Vol. 1: Learning to Listen which is a play-along beginning lesson and Vol. 2: Chord Progressions & The Circle of 5ths, an intermediate lesson which teaches using the Circle of 5ths to map popular chord progressions.CHAPTERS Welcome C Tuning Notes C Major Scale C Chromatic Scale Intervals Building Major Chords I-V-I Chord Progression I-V7-I Chord Progression I-IV-V7-I Chord Progression 12 Bar Blues I-vi-IV-V7-I Chord Progression I-vi-ii-V7-I Chord Progression I-V-vi-IV Chord Progression C Major Diatonic Chords Non-Diatonic Chords Circle of 5ths Close


Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 2: Chord Progressions & The Circle of 5ths DVD

55-minute lesson $23 (includes shipping and handling)

DVD Add to Cart

SALE: Digital Download  $10  Add to Cart

Volume 2 is for the intermediate to the advanced player wanting to learn how all songs work by studying the patterns of chord progressions. Learn songs in advance by training your ears to tune by ear, hear chords, chord progressions and musical intervals. Jim will also demystify the Circle of 5ths, the roadmap to the musical universe! Chapters: Tuning By Ear Tension & Resolution 5th Interval FinderThe Tri-tone Interval Circle of 5ths Perpetual 5ths Exercise Dominant 7th Chord Progressions 7th Chord Inversions Major Scale Intervals Diatonic Chords Diatonic Chord Progressions The 12 Bar Blues Jazz Chord Progression Indie Songwriter Chord Progression Learning a Song From Sheet Music Transposing “I learned more an hour from you than I have in a year trying to learn by myself. Just got done playing your DVD 2. The mystery of the circle of fifths is no more.” California Student


PlayByEar3-Front-Web Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 3 Soloing DVD with Brian Oberlin

54-minute lesson

SALE: Digital Download Only $10   Add to Cart

Internationally recognized music educators Jim D’Ville and Brian Oberlin have created a systematic approach to learning the art of soloing on the ukulele.  This groundbreaking fifty-four minute DVD will give you all the tools you’ll need to progress from playing a simple scale and arpeggio exercises to begin creating your own solos.  The Play Ukulele By Ear series has helped thousands of ukulele players worldwide “get off the paper” and experience the fun of playing music by ear.  Now the same “by ear” approach will help you learn the art of soloing.

Soloing DVD Table of Contents: 
1-Welcome 2-C Tuning Notes 3 -The Musical Alphabet: Chromatic & Major Scales 4-Hearing Scales Over Chords: F-C-C7 5-   Playing The Changes 6-Telling A Story With Your Solo 7-Creating A Solo: Building A Path To The Target Notes 8-Tell Your Story From The V 9-Soloing On The Blues: C Blues Scale 10-Building Blues Licks 11-Hammers-Pull Offs-Rips-Slides 12 -I-V-I Backing Track In F 13-12 Bar Blues Backing Track In C 14 -Final Thoughts



Caravan Gogh Recordings

caravangogh1 The 3 Faces of Steve EP/CD

Caravan Gogh’s long-awaited follow up to their 2007 CD is here, with original members: Gideon Freudmann (cello), Jim D’Ville (ukulele) and Brian Oberlin (mandolin) joined by Brad Price (guitar). “The 3 Faces of Steve” covers a lot of musical ground in the course of 7 acoustic tunes (5 originals), including a lilting waltz, a rootsy blues, an uptempo swing tune, an old (re-imagined) Spanish classical guitar tune and the decidedly schizophrenic title tune which alludes to a book about a woman with a most peculiar personality disorder. But be assured, this recording is very sane, coherent and above all good fun! Download the EP now at CD Baby by clicking HERE.

Caravan Gogh CD

The debut recording by Portland, Oregon acoustic quartet Caravan Gogh.  Jim D’Ville-ukulele, Gideon Freudmann-cello, Brian Oberlin-Mandolin, and Calin Uhlig-bass.  Sneakers, the single from the CD was featured in Sing Out magazine!  Purchase from iTunes or CD Baby.

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