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3 Chord Club: Rock n’ Roll!

Posted on: August 12th, 2011 by dville

Today at the 3 Chord Club we rock out on three tunes that rock.  How do we know these tunes rock?  Because they say so right in the song titles.  Remember what rocker Lou Reed once said, “If its got more than three chords, it’s jazz.”

At the 3 Chord Club we choose three songs from a specific artist, label or genre of music that we’ll learn by ear. All the songs will contain three chords or less (with the exception of Bonus Chord songs)! You’ll find links to the lyrics but not the chords. That’s where your ears come in. Since you know the song has only one to three chords, try to figure out the changes, or chord progression by ear while watching the YouTube video.

Here’s a hint, most of the time the chords will be the I-IV & V or V7 chords. In the Key of C, that’s C-F-G or G7. Remember, the sound examples may be in various keys. As an added bonus, try to figure out the key of the recording.

Rock & Roll-Led Zepplin 
(Hint: 3 Chords)

I Love Rock n’ Roll-Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
(Hint: Hangs on the IV right before chorus)

Rock & Roll Fantasy-Bad Company
(Hint: Bonus Chord  bIII in Verse & Chorus.)

Extra Credit Hints:
Rock & Roll: Key of A (Chords Used: A-D-E )
I Love Rock n. Roll: Key of E (Chords Used: E-A-B)
Rock & Roll Fantasy: Key of A (Chords Used: E-C-D-A)

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