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Musician's Outlet
Palm Desert, California February 13
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Ukulele Cruise
The Caribbean February 15-25
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Penny Lane Music
Fort Lauderdale, Florida February 27
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Dallas Ukulele HQ
Dallas, Texas February 28
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Riffs Studios
La Jolla, California March 5
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Hale Ukulele
San Diego, California March 12
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Bertrand's Music
San Bernardino, California March 19
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Los Angeles, California March 26
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Dave's Island Instruments
Lakewood, California April 2
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Candyman Music
Santa Fe, New Mexico June 4
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Kerrville FF Uke Camp
Kerrville, Texas June 6-8
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Roadrunner Strummers
Albuquerque, New Mexico June 11
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Ukulele University
Bend, Oregon July 15-17
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Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
Bremerton, Washington August 6-12
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Kamloops Uke Fest
Kamloops, BC, Canada August 19-21
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Los Angeles Uke Fest
LA, California September 24
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Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by Jim D'Ville


2016 Tour Schedule

Musician’s Outlet  February 13  Palm Desert, California (Click Link)

Caribbean Ukulele Cruise February 15-25  Caribbean (Click Link)

Penny Lane Music  February 27  Fort Lauderdale, Florida(Click Link)

Dallas Ukulele Headquarters  February 28 Dallas, Texas (Click Link)

Riffs Studios  March 5  La Jolla, California (Click Link)

Hale Ukulele  March 12 San Diego, California (Click Link)

Bertrand’s Music  March 19 San Bernardino, California (Details TBA)

U-Space March 26 Los Angeles, California (Details TBA)

Dave’s Island Instruments April 2 Lakewood, California (Details TBA)

Candyman Music June 4   Santa Fe, New Mexico (Details TBA)

Kerrville Folk Festival Uke Camp June 6-8  Kerrville, Texas(Click Link)

Roadrunner Strummers June 11  Albuquerque, New Mexico (Details TBA)

Ukulele University July 15-17  Bend, Oregon (Click Link)

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop August 6-12  Monterey, California (Click Link)

Kamlooops Ukulele Festival August 19-21  Kamloops, BC, Canada (Details TBA)

Los Angeles Ukulele Festival  September 24  Los Angeles, California(Click Link)


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