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West Coast Ukulele Retreat
Asilomar, California May 17-21
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Monterey Uke Club
Monterey, California May 21
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Ashokan Uke Festival
Olivebridge, NY May 26-29
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Ukulele Festival of Scotland
Dumfries, Scotland June 9-11
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Kamloops Ukulele Festival
Sorrento, BC, Canada June 16-18
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Uke U VI
Bend, Oregon July 14-16
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Tunes In The Dunes
Lincoln City, Oregon Sept. 14-17
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Caravan Gogh + Oregon Mandolin Orchestra
Hillsboro, Oregon December 9
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Deering Banjo Artist Endorsement

Posted on: March 23rd, 2017 by dville

Lucky me! I’m the newest Deering Banjo Artist! I’m endorsing their wonderful new Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele. As a former 5-string banjo player, I love to put banjo and fiddle tunes on the ukulele. The tuning of the ukulele with it’s re-entrant 4th string aids in this endeavor, but I still missed that old tyme, open-back banjo sound. No more! The Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele delivers a rich, warm tone perfect for playing the greatest hits of the ’50’s. The 1850’s! I’ll be posting some video soon of me playing the instrument so you can hear for yourself what a great sounding banjo ukulele sounds like. For more information on the Deering banjo ukulele line click HERE.


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