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Ashokan Uke Festival
Olivebridge, NY May 26-29
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Ukulele Festival of Scotland
Dumfries, Scotland June 9-11
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Kamloops Ukulele Festival
Sorrento, BC, Canada June 16-18
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Uke U VI
Bend, Oregon July 14-16
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Tigard Ukulele Group
Tigard, Oregon August 6
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Tunes In The Dunes
Lincoln City, Oregon Sept. 14-17
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Caravan Gogh + Oregon Mandolin Orchestra
Hillsboro, Oregon December 9
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Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by Jim D'Ville

Booking A Kala Ukulele Circle
Jim is a Kala Brand Ukulele endorser and travels throughout the United States facilitating in-store Ukulele Circle events for Kala dealers.  To find out how to arrange a Kala Ukulele Circle at your store, contact Rick Carlson, Kala Marketing Director.
rick (at)  1-877-853-3853

Booking A Workshop

Jim presents his popular workshops at ukulele festivals, ukulele clubs, music stores, and other music related venues worldwide.  To book a Play Ukulele By Ear workshop contact Jim directly using the information found on the Contact page of this website.  Below are the descriptions of Jim’s current workshops.

Play Ukulele By Ear: Vol. 1: Learning To Listen
All Levels
Get the most out of your ukulele experience by learning to Play Ukulele By Ear.
This entertaining and informative workshop will give you the tools
you need to tap into your innate musical abilities. Playing by ear is easy,
fun, and it will propel your understanding of how music works to a new level.
This workshop will make you a better listener and student! Knowledge of basic
chord shapes (C F G7) is helpful for this workshop.

Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 2: Chord Progressions & The Circle of Fifths
Advanced Beginner through Intermediate
Being able to hear chord progressions will go a long way toward demystifying
music and will allow you to learn tunes right off your favorite CD.
Tune your ears into the sound of the tri-tone, dominant seven and diatonic chord
progressions. This exciting workshop will open your ears to the way all songs work.

Uke Jam By Ear
All Levels
Everyone that takes up the ukulele wants to do one thing, play right
now! Unfortunately,many students are taught to reply mainly on playing and singing
from a songbook which then becomes an impediment to really listening to what is
happening in the music. Jam By Ear is an interactive, play-along workshop and jam
session designed to get people playing without a songbook..

3 Chord Magic
All Levels
The 3 Chord song form is probably the most popular in Western music.
In this workshop we’ll dissect a number of interesting variations of the 3 chord progression.
We’ll also play a lot of very fun and familiar tunes for the rock, pop and blues genres. Knowledge
of basic chord shapes (C F G7) is helpful. Guaranteed to Put A Spell On You!

Strumming Ukulele By Ear (All Levels)
Free yourself from memorizing Down-Up patterns!  Starting with the basic index finger strum, Jim will quickly have your muscle memory absorbing fun strums like The Gallop Triplett, The Chunky Chop and many more strumming techniques that will spice up your playing.

Picking Ukulele By Ear (All Levels)
Learn to pick the melodies to your favorite songs without tab!  This ground-breaking workshop is the first of its kind to use the solfege syllables to organically train your ears to hear and play the scale patterns where all the melodies live.  Topics will include playing scales, arpeggios, rolls and fills, and of course songs!  This workshop is the first step to being able to play anything that comes into your head! 

Hank & Buck By Ear
All Levels
How did Hank Williams and Buck Owens achieve country music superstardom with just three to four chords per song? In this workshop you’ll not only get to learn a bunch of classic country tunes by ear, you’ll discover the magic behind their structures.

Beginning Finger-Style Ukulele By Ear
Advanced Beginner through Intermediate
Learn to pick the melodies to your favorite songs. Workshop will include playing scales, arpeggios, rolls and fills.

Beginning Jam Band
Camp Workshop/All Levels
Playing music with others is the best way to advance your musical skills.
In Beginning Jam Band students are placed in small groups and taught the finer
points of playing together in a band setting. Topics include selecting fun and
interesting songs to perform, song arranging, band dynamics and performance skills.

All workshops are 74 minutes in length.

Ukulele Tutorials

Playing By Ear

Play Ukulele By Ear 1
Vol. 1 DVD or Download
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Play Ukulele By Ear 1.5
Playing By The Numbers
NEW! DVD or Download more info

Play Ukulele By Ear 2
Vol. 2 DVD or Download
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Play Ukulele By Ear 3 NEW! Soloing DVD or Download more info


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