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C 2 Shining C Tour

Nova Scotia Holiday until 09/3

Falmouth Flukes
Falmouth, Maine September 10
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Woodstock Music
Woodstock, New York September 27
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Cape Cod Uke Cabaret
Orleans, MA October 3-4
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Pawtucket, Rhode Island Oct. 5
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Magic Fluke Company
Sheffield, MA October 10
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The Sounding Board
West Hartford, CT October 11
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No. VA Ukulele Ensemble
Reston, Virginia October 26
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NC Ukulele Academy
Wilmington, North Carolina Nov. 8
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Ashokan Uke Fest-NY

Austin Ukulele Weekend

Britt Festival Uke Camp

California Ukulele Academy

Corktown Uke Jam-Toronto

Kerrville Folk Festival

Langley BC Workshops

Lone Star Uke Fest

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

2012 & 2014 NAMM Shows

Reno Ukulele Fest

Tampa Bay Getaway

Ukulele Club de Montreal

Vancouver BC Uke Fest

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Canadian Vacation!

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by dville

After touring across the USA and eastern Canada for the last five months it is time for a break.  We’ll be vacationing in the Maritime Provinces of northeastern Canada for the next two weeks or so.  That means no phone and little internet access.  I will log in with the occasional post, but for the […]


3 Questions Interview:
Neal Flewelling

Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by dville

Neal Flewelling of Flewelling Guitars & Ukuleles in Northport, Maine discusses his line of ukuleles and the challenges of building in the great frozen north in this 3 Questions Interview.


NH Ukulele Picnic

Posted on: August 16th, 2014 by dville

I’ve been out of the loop this week as I was befallen with a high fever of unknown origin which landed me in the hospital for three days.  Fortunately, I was released late Friday and am able to make it to my workshop at the 2nd Annual New Hampshire Ukulele Picnic in Nashua, New Hampshire […]

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